IMP Intermetall Produkte AG

IMP Intermetall Produkte AG

Four strong, international manufacturers

We cover your requirements
in the high temperature range

We would like to offer customers from the metal industry and industrial furnace construction the broadest possible range of solutions for production at high temperatures.

For this purpose we are working together with four leading international manufacturers of highly heat-resistant products. We would be happy to present them to you here. Together we meet today’s requirements with innovative solutions.

We ensure that your company will continue to be at the cutting edge of technology, efficient and competitive production. With tema you can meet your diverse, individual needs from a single source. We are always at your side to provide comprehensive advice and deliver reliably and in a timely manner.

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IMP Intermetall Produkte AG – Customers from industrial furnace construction, the steel and NF industry, plant construction, burner manufacturers, hardening shops, customers from the cement industry and waste incineration industry have been relying on the reliable supplier for new systems and spare parts needs for over 40 years.

High temperature resistant castings: furnace rollers, radiant tubes, heat recuperators, cast trough and sieve plates, cast link belts, circulation impellers, muffle and retorts, gratings and annealing devices, riders and loading beams are just a few cast products for high temperature applications that we market for IMP. The highly heat-resistant castings and components are manufactured from a large number of standard and self in house developed stainless steel alloys based on iron, nickel and cobalt which are then finished, assembled, checked and delivered ready for installation.

New solutions to improve construction or maintenance problems: Here, IMP Intermetall Produkte AG has made a name for itself through tailor-made in-house developments in close cooperation with our different customers. This also includes the in-house developed LOYMAX materials, which are used in a variety of ways to improve tool life and solve special customer problems.

Competences of the IMP Intermetall Produkte AG: In addition to the casting operation, the company has its own in house mechanical processing, welding, construction, laboratory and model making. This makes it possible to independently develop and manufacture corresponding products based on drawings according to customer requirements or drawings.

We would look forward to advise you at any time in the event of service life problems, or the design of components in your systems. Thanks to our decades of experience and our own constructive and material developments, we can give you help and support at any time.

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Bisson Impianti Industriali Slr – The Italian company from the Vincenza region has been dealing with mechanical engineering in the metallurgical sector since 1963, in particular the construction of parts for rolling mills and foundries. These include high heat resistant sheet metal welded constructions such as radiant tubes, muffles and retorts, rollers and hoods for bell-type furnaces. Today the family owned company is one of the global market leaders in this industry. Bisson is constantly investing in the development of products that are characterized by higher thermal resistance and longer service life, thereby we can deliver you tailor made solutions, which reduce your investment and maintenance costs.

Core competences of Bisson Impianti Industriali Slr: The company is a leader in the field of “high-temperature resistant sheet metal welded constructions” based on chrome, nickel and cobalt-based alloys such as Inconel 601, 602 or AVESTA 253. This applies in particular to radiant tubes, where you can find innovative and patented solutions, e.g. radiant tubes with bubble shaped surface and the so called diabolo system. These tubes have special deep-drawn surfaces (bubbles), which means a significantly longer durability and better efficiency. The diabolo systems in the radiant tube support change the friction from surface gliding friction to point rolling friction, which leads to improvements in the service life of the tubes.

We would be happy to advise you on durable welded sheet metal constructions for high temperature usage.

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Union Electric Åkers – The Union Electric Steel Cooperation group produces premium rolling mill rolls under this brand. The headquarter of this global market leader is in in Pittsburgh (PA), USA. In addition, forged and centrifugally cast rolls for the global steel and non-ferrous industries are produced in other plants in the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Slovenia and China. The Group operates a research and development laboratory in Sweden in order to meet future customer demands.

Core competences of Union Electric Åkers: Due to the high performance requirements of modern rolling mills, rolls have to remain in the production cycle longer than ever before and at the same time they have to produce a top class strip quality. Union Electric Åkers combines the best of forging, casting roll technology and manufacturing expertise to develop top quality rolls that go through time-consuming quality controls before delivery. This ensures optimal production performance and quality at a low total cost during your ownership.

For an outstanding and fast customer service on spot, tema is your competent contact.

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Lismar Engineering B.V. – Lismar is the leading manufacturer of automatic roll inspection systems based on eddy current and ultrasound, as well as automatic controls for roll grinding machines. The company is based in Ouderkerk aan de Aamstel in the Netherlands.

The core competences of Lismar Engineering B.V.: LISMAR specializes in non-destructive testing, software, electronics and mechanics. This extensive portfolio makes it possible to develop, manufacture and further support systems for roll inspection according to customer-specific wishes and requirements. The roll inspection systems from LISMAR are used worldwide in the steel and non-ferrous industry.

We would really much look forward to advise you on the automatic roller testing systems from Lismar.

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